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Related post: Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 22:24:55 -0600 From: Subject: Red 9´╗┐Red by: dnrock( 9: LevyOn New Year's Eve the Smiths hosted a big party. "Mom called it an open house". Freda had Russ go all around the neighborhood, a couple of days after preteen pedo illegal Christmas, putting flyers in all the neighbor's mailboxes. Of course the O'Keefs, Judge Carter, the Jensens, Horwoods and Jessica's family were all invited. Les called it their Annual Levy. Russ had no idea what that was to mean, so he looked it up. It had nothing to do with a party as far as he could make out. The closest thing was the old meaning preteens girls fuck of raising an army. Then it struck him, a call to arms is a call to service, a call to a party was just a more peaceful kind of the same thing.The house was full of visitors, most of who Russ already knew but there were lots he didn't. Most of Les' staff and associates he had met but not their families and so on. Many university people came, mostly all new to him. Sheila of course felt she had to stand by her boy and protect him from all the other girls. Freda and Lorraine thought that was very funny. Russ felt just a bit cramped but what could he do.He was the youngest and preteen girls topless therefore hosting the other children fell squarely on his broad shoulders. Sheila was not completely daft. Many of the children around her and Russ' ages were girls and many of them quite nice looking too. They were the only red heads but that aside, pretty is pretty.Sheila was most interested in Russ' preteen underground love new necklace. It wasn't like her gift, made special, just for her but it was very nice. She immediately began to ask questions about why Kos and Eric had the exact same thing. Russ was not keen on making up some kind of story so he just told her dad gave them to his sons. Notice Nancy didn't have one. Eric told her he spent so much time with the Smiths when he was younger, growing up, that Uncle Les just included him too. That seamed to mostly satisfy her. Russ figured she suspected young virgin preteen it had some other meaning but kept that suspicion preteen erotic gallery to herself.Nancy and Simon took this occasion to announce their wedding, which would be in the fall. This was much to everyone's satisfaction except, Freda. She of course wanted to be in the middle of the planning and organizing and that was just not going to be, since they would not be returning until the end of September. Aunt Margo, who had some experience at this already, would fill in for her little sister. Russ overheard Fred telling Ed Carter, from his experience, either sister was quite capable of complicating whatever Nancy and Simon had in mind. They both laughed about it. Russ wanted to laugh too but thought better of it and decided to pretend he didn't have a clue what the older men were talking about.Sheila of course thought this was just so exciting. You could see she wanted to somehow be included. This puzzled Russ, he could not understand the female fascination with weddings. Russ did his best not to get her hopes up to high, pointing out that they were both to young for the wedding party and to old for Flower Girl or Ring Barrier. The down side of Russ' little present was Sheila's belief that she must be his only love. She was the only girl he loved but Russ loved his brother even more. Now if he has been sharing his body with her, russian preteen natasha the way he shared with Kos, that might not be the case, he wasn't.School started up the first Monday in January for the primary and secondary students. The university didn't resume until the 15th. That gave Kos time to complete his commissions. Ganymede was progressing very well. Russ would come into the studio every day to check the progress. He was very pleased with what he saw. It was his body that was for sure. Long blond hair and blue eyes too. Not his face, that was for sure and not is penis either. Close but not quite the same as BIM. It was his butt his shoulders and his legs, no doubt in his mind. The face was as promised, not quite like anyone in the community. It was a generic face. preteen boylinks The lips were full and quite bow shaped the cheeks just a little fuller than erotic picture preteen most of the boys around and so on."He is almost as beautiful as I am.""I was hoping to make him more beautiful, but I guess nature still has one up on this painter.""How is that possible, I mean how could you possible make him more beautiful than I am?""Beauty my little man, is in the eye of the beholder. To me preteen gym gallery you are the most beautiful boy in the world. We already know Sheila thinks you most beautiful in the city. We both know and love you, that perhaps places a bit of bias in our judgments."Russ was pressing his body into Kos and kissing him but now was not the time, they would just have to hold off until Mom went to bed......................Ganymede did not get returned from the framers until after Les and Freda headed back to London. On the following Saturday, Cass and his committee showed up, boys in tow and check in hand. The boys immediately adjourned to the recreation room for some fun and games, while the adults did their business. The acceptance of the painting was quick. Kos entered it into his small but growing resume, indicating purchased by anonymous commissioner. When all was said and done, Kos made a very handsome xxxmovies preteen sum. Even after paying Russ, the framer and materials, his take was greater than his entire income from the previous year. He did have to work very hard to produce it, at least he was paid commemorate with the effort.Several of the committee members, including Cass, commissioned Kos to make photo portraits of themselves and their respective boys. They assured Kos that other members would surely follow in preteen hentai thumbs the coming months. Kos would rent a proper studio camera for the jobs. One of the committee members offered to organize a weekend photo shoot, to minimize the expense and organizational hassle.At that point the committee called the boys up and departed, leaving Cass and Amos with Kos and Russ. Cass asked if they might sit and talk a bit. Which Kos quickly agreed to, inviting them into the living room..."Kos, Amos and I have been admiring your necklaces, they are very tasteful. Do they have some symbolic meaning?""Yes, in fact they do and they come with a story of course. The preteen banned modeling pattern was taken from an ancient Greek Gymnasium and anal preteen models symbolize the man-boy love relationship shared by Russ and myself." Cass smiled while Amos slipped in next to Russ, for a closer inspection."They are very lovely and I can see how they would do that. It is membership or ownership?""Membership, they are equal in every respect and Russ' comes with extra links that can be added as he grows.""I know Amos wants to ask all kinds of questions but he is not permitted to do so. One important part of our societies principals forbids it. Almost everything we do is teen petite preteen on a first name only basis and any personal details of the members, that we must share, is very closely guarded.""I think you need to get to the point Cass," Amos admonished. This was the first time that Kos or Russ became aware of their non formal relationship, even if only by hint."Ok Amos, I think you and Russ would make great members of our society. As you already know, it is very secretive but it does have a public face. In short, to be a member takes a considerable amount of vetting. A good part of that you and Russ have already been through. The men pay quite stiff annual fees and like a country club, has high initiation fees. Boys pay nothing. Usually the man brings the boy but a few boys come on their own, well not on their own but un-sponsored and we find them a man. Right now we have one boy who needs a man. Not the point here."Cass went on for some time telling Kos about the philosophy, rules, events, meetings and non financial obligations. For a stock broker he managed to give more detailed information then would be expected."You see, if preteen underage nymphet you decided to join, we will make sure you sell enough portraits to pay your initiation fees, I think they will be very popular, we can make that guarantee."In the other part of the room, on the love seat Amos was lobbying Russ, with a full court press. The boy had to want membership as much as the man and Amos was making sure that Russ understood that and wanted that. He knew already, if the boy really wants something, his man will make it happen."I see, besides the committee, who else is in the society?""It is made up of photos cute preteens many different men in the community. I would guess half of which you probably know in one way or another, that is the best I can do. One thing you should know, except for the committee, everyone will treat you as if a total stranger and you would them on first meeting, even if they already know you socially or in business. The boys are the more or less the same, outside our official functions, no recognition of any other member, as a member, is ever given. That is nudist preteen naturalist not to say they don't interact or share classes or clubs. Some are good buddies and friends. It is like having a split personality.One more thing, in the Ganymede Society we usually preteen brasilian pics loose the preteen model picture boys at about 18 and their men too, almost all of us come back as men by the time we are 30 or so." Kos realized that Cass was telling him he had been a boy member."Well this all seams to good to be true but I'm sure it is. You said earlier that you had a boy with no man.""Yes, one of our members preteen jp nudist has two sons, the younger has no man. Usually that is taken care of by men who only have daughters or have not found a non family boy, so a spare boy or two is easily accommodated but... I know that committee has been searching, the spare men are getting to old, are employed outside the community, naughter preteen girls moved, not available for that special relationship. The recent graduates are just not in a financial and time position or are students and so on, just not possible.""Would you be willing to look outside for a suitable candidate?""Yes, do you have someone in mind?""Yes, my cousin who was my man, as I am Russ'. I know he is established, six years older than me and how much he enjoys Russ. Would you consider both of us at the same time?"By now Russ and Amos were kissing and holding chat preteen yahoo each other. Something that generated smiles from Kos and Cass."Give me his first name and contact number and one the committee will get in touch with him to start the vetting process. All you tell him is, someone will introduce himself from the SFC Society."Kos looked puzzled he knew the SFC was a very exclusive club, out preteen ira model by the Golf Course."The SFC is our public face, I guess, I forgot to mention that earlier. Men whose boys have grown up usually shift their attention to that sinful preteens galleries side of things. We are all members of the SFC and as long as we have boy members, part of the Ganymede's. The SFC part covers all of the indirect operating costs: buildings, lodgings, travel and stuff like that. In return we encourage them to share many of our social activities, participate in many of their sports and so on."Kos could see this was going to take some time, so he suggested the boys go up to Russ room and play. Offered snacks and drinks to everyone and so on."The SFC has about 40 rooms that are available to the members, for a very low fee. That is important to many members, who unlike yourself... The dining room is first class, as is the lounge. Boys are not permitted in the lounge. The entire place is smoke free, except for the "Cigar Room", which is also off limits to the under aged... The initiation fee is paid into a trust account, which is used as an endowment... your annual fees are to the SFC as are the room, bar and food charges. The boys put on all kinds of shows and entertainment for the members. What ever talent a boy shows is encouraged and fostered. The same goes for academics, sports or just what ever. The older members make sure the boys have a full range of sporting experiences, fishing, hunting, games, swimming preteen nude daily and so on. We are very much in the old Greek tradition of developing the mind tiny preteen whores and body to its fullest."Cass explained how most things worked in the organization. They meet two times a week, one evening and on Saturday when they do things as a group, mostly sports, arts so on. The members have access 24/7 and can book private rooms or use the dining or spots facilities, any time at all. Some of the activities will happen between meeting nights, team sports, swimming for example or entertainment underground illegal preteen rehearsals. The boys often put on plays and musical variety performances. Almost all the couching, teaching or supervision is provided by the older men. They also provide transportation for the boys, if their man is not able. Yes, they would hope Kos would help cyber preteen models in the art lessons area. The man-boy pairs are not required to always be together, so it works like the YMCA in some ways. For a few pairs, they are only ever together at the club. In some ways it is like the old British clubs.While Kos and Cass talked in the living room, Russ and Amos were naked on Russ' bed inspecting each other bodies and testing each other sexual skills. Russ learned, in addition to sports of all kinds, groups like chess were common, lots of music and play acting, art of course. Most of the men purchased all the boy's clothing from Boy Fashions in Cleveland. While he couldn't tell him much about the Ganymedes, he repeated preteen soiled panties several times, the boys were all treated as little princes. "The older men, you know the grandfathers, will give us anything we want for a kiss on the cheek and a little crotch feel, which we would gladly give for the asking. Last summer one of the 14 year olds wanted to ride a horse, so Earl, he is about 90, took him on his private jet to Arizona for three weeks, at a real dude ranch; since his man couldn't get away that long or probably afford it, either."Sex between the boys was totally permitted, sex between the preteen nakeds boy and his man is between themselves. Sex between men was at their option but sex between a boy and another member, not his man, was discouraged and only at the option of the boy with permission of his man. Cass suggested some of the men and boys would share or trade and some of the rooms were double, so once the door was closed who knows.Amos told Russ, a few times he and Cass shared a room with another pair so Cass and the man could fuck each other. "They put quite a show on for us... we put one on for them too."The complex is quite large. It had originally been built as a hotel and had been added on to since. It has a ball room with a stage, a dining room that could seat 80, a lounge, a reading room, a TV room, a small museum, offices, some meeting and class rooms, courts, pool, hot tub-sauna, etc. and the Ganymede room, was in the basement. It is very large and very well appointed. Summer and winter sports are all supported, every interest physical or intellectual is fostered.The place is completely run and staffed by the members. Once a man's boy has graduated he is expected to contribute by being a coach or instructor, serving food, cleaning and so on. Many of the staff are part time, those young men over 18 but not yet established with their own boys. Everyone is well paid and that is the main financing medium for many preteens fucking pictures students.The SFC also offers a variety of support groups, concealing, medical, legal and financial services, to members. In addition, the members can store or keep any kind bbs preteen sex of sporting equipment in secured, insured, storage lockers or the locked firearm room.What he didn't talk about was the post adolescent and educational support given to the "graduates". These people were the monied class in this city. Graduates were brought into the firms, businesses, practices, what ever that matched their interests and abilities, as much as possible. Cass may not have realized it and no one ever talked about it, it just was the way it was. Cass' father is a building contractor but Cass' man, was his maternal uncle, who is like Cass, a stock broker. While his younger cousin was his dad's boy and now his 2 IC in the building business. Several other middle management men in both firms were Ganymede graduates too.................... This was a big decision for both Kos and Russ. They didn't need the society Kos figured. Russ was not quite sure either but he realized it offered underground pics preteen some real long term benefits and since meeting attendance was not required... They did not need the facilities to be together, like some other pairs would need. This they discussed, in bed that night. Kos illegal preteens sex was making an effort to be neutral and to let Russ make the decision. He knew that Russ would agree with anything he suggested, from pure loyalty if nothing else. He knew he would grant any desire Russ had, if it was within his power, such was his depth of feeling for the boy. It seamed every time they made love, it strengthened their bond. That was one difference between him and Eric. They plateaued early and just coasted along until today. With Russ, it was difference. Kos needed him in his life, at his side, sex aside. The sex was just another dimension between them, something that just seamed to grow and grow. They both knew this was the real thing. This they knew, because neither one took even the slightest advantage of the other."Russ honey, I think we should sleep on it and give our answers in the morning." Russ giggled"Like in the Meat Loaf Song on dad's Bat Out Of Hell, CD. `Let me sleep on it, let me sleep on it, I'll give you the answer in the morning'.""Yes something like that, hay what do you know about finding `paradise by the dashboard lights,' anyway?" Now they were both laughing. "It not like making out in a car but, Russ baby, I need you in me.""Oh master, I know you banned preteen photos will love me forever and I'll never be waiting for the end of time preteen model jp to end my time with you." Russ clamped his mouth on Kos' and began driving his tongue in while Kos' long arms prepared this prong for the action they both wanted.Russ had not attained a size anything like Eric, that didn't matter preteens naked naturism to Kos. His boy would fuck him with all the passion any man could ever want or ever need. For him the Neil Young song, Heart of Gold came mostly to mind. For him, he knew he struck it rich, beyond his wildest dreams.(Paradise By The Dashboard Light, as all the songs on the Bat Out Of Hell album (1977) were written by Jim Steinman.)........................"I don't know the ins and outs of stuff like adults but I got eyes, ears and a damn good brain. I figure stuff out for photos preteens myself mostly. This was one of those things, I just didn't preteen nudes pic seam to have clue about. All I know is my insides seam to be turning up side down. Sometimes I just can't be bothered to do anything or even get off my butt to eat. Other times I can't sit still and seam to have more energy then an atomic bomb. I'm just so confused some times, I mean all I want is sex other times only Kos can get me motivated preteen cocksucking nymphets at all. Simon do you think something is wrong with me?""No Russ, nothing organic is the matter with you. Your major problem is being 11 gong on 14. Your body is just a little ahead of your head, that's all.""You mean my physical development is running ahead of bikinis preteens my brain?""More or less. Sometimes when boys run ahead of schedule on the maturity index, as you are, the changes that take place in the brain, mostly the frontal lobes, lags a bit behind or jump ahead some. All adolescents are sex obsessed, that part is normal, you are just ahead of other boys your chronological age. Just like with your body.""Is that why I prefer the company of sex video preteens boys older than myself?""Yes I would say that and they accept you as an equal, right?""Yes, they do I guess, no one seams to ever mention it.""Did Kos give you the safe sex talk forbidden preteen uncensored yet?""Yes and Eric and Dad too. I think I'm covered.""Are teen gallery preteen you and Sheila?""No, we are just friends, ah well, maybe real good friends. I mean we kiss and hold hands but that's all. I would like to do more you know, but I'm not getting any of those signals from her yet.""Do very preteens nude you get any of those signals from boys?""One boy, we are real close sometimes.""And japanese preteens gallery men?" At this point Russ looked down and refused to answer. He knew he couldn't lie to Simon and anyway Simon had just examined his prostrate, he knew."I topless modeling preteen love Kos with all my heart Simon. I preteen pix porn love mom, dad, you and Nancy. I know you all love me but Kos preteennude model is," Russ trailed off."I know, I was super close to my older brother too and when he went to medical school I just about died.""You and him, you were lovers?""Yes, we were lovers. Look kid, every boy in the world goes through what you are going through, it is part of being an adolescent. I know I did and my brother did too. I could see him struggling and I couldn't help him because I was to young at the time. He sure helped me though.""Uh Simon, do you, you know." Simon pulled Russ into his chest wrapping his long arms around."No little man, not that you aren't the most attractive boy in the world, I'm afraid I am not sexually into children of either gender and as for adults, Nancy has my number. But that doesn't mean we can't be brothers and friends.Now as your physician talking, you need to not only keep very clean and use protection but I want you to start taking these supplements," He wrote the names on a paper, "in addition to the vitamins naturism preteen you are now taking. Also you can take one half of these yellow pills every day.""How come snuff pics preteens you are giving me these, why not just write a prescription?""Two reasons, one they are samples and two, for you it would be off label, so lets just keep this to ourselves.""Ok, but what are they for?""They are a pharmaceutical extract from the Yohimbe plant, used to help men get it up and to increase semen flow.""I don't need any help getting it up, want to see?""No, I'm sure you don't but at your age increased semen flow will be appreciated by your hot preteen pictures sex partners," Simon smiled and winked as he said it."Oh, I see. Will it make the stuff taste better?""No, I doubt that but just helps make more of it. In a about six months you will be making lots on your own but for now..."Russ kissed Simon on the cheek. "Thanks brother and not just from me. Are you sure, you know.""Yes I'm sure. If I ever decide too, you know, get it on with an adolescent boy, you little man head that list, I promise."Man is Simon cool. He is just the greatest brother a boy can have. I love him. Not like I love Kos but like I love dad and Nancy. He is just so cool.I know people seam not to like gays and adults that have sex with kids are painted as evil and abusive. I also know, gay pre teens cutiemodels men are no more list preteens or less likely to have sex with children then hetros. I am sure some of them are abusive too, my experience is different. I am sure some kids are forced to have sex with adults and some kids are physically abused too, sex or preteen nazi no in the mix. That I know first hand.All I know is, Kos and Eric would never abuse me and if them sharing their bodies with me is abuse, bring it on. I read that often kids go along with sex out of fear or loyalty, they don't like it and the kid liking sex is only in the mind of the abuser. Well if the child is to young that may be true. I also read about a female teacher that lived with a boy of 13 for several years, well it started when he was 13. In Washington state, I think. He fathered two children and when he was 16 or so they wanted to get married. He needed parental permission, which they would not give. That is how the thing came to light. Anyway, he did not want to get married either, so the press said. He also said in an interview he fell in love at 13 and they would be married as soon as she was out of prison. She is of course, a sex offender and can only see her children under supervised conditions. I don't know all the details but that seams to me a bit odd. If that boy is anything like me or other boys I know, when it came to the fucking, he was a willing participant. Did she use sex to manipulate him? I figure she did and I figure he used sex to manipulate his situation too. Was he forced or pressured into sex with her? I don't know for sure but from my experience with Kos and Eric, probably not. Is top preteen naked asking an adolescent to take up his or her responsibility abuse? Not sure of that either, it seams reasonable to ask and probably less abusive to a child, then punishing them for some wrong doing, because he can say no. As I understood it, he wanted too, but the legal system intervened when the parents complained. Why in hell they didn't complain several years before, that is something I sure don't understand. They must have known something was up and as I understand it, he was living with her and the kids. Also, in that interview, he said the only abuse he suffered from came from society, not his lover. (The case Russ is thinking about is real. It was in the news several times, in the recent past.)In my case and I think Amos', we like the sex and we love our men. We kind of like each other too and sex with him is as good as boy to boy sex gets, I think. I am just guessing at that, not much experience. I think Amos is gay but I know I am bi. Well I sure want sex with girls and not just because Kos and Eric like it. Amos told me he is just not interested in girls, lots of the boys at the society are. He understands that, he said anyway. He thinks bi boys with bi men and gay boys with gay men, I'm not all that convinced. It just seams logical that the man and boy develop a love relationship and being gay or bi is not the issue. I also read that some men and women, are gay or bi or hetro, at different times in their lives.I think Kos model angel preteens and the Ganymedes think of the man-boy sexual relationship like the old Greeks did, as part of a learning and developing process preteen underage kidssex and not some life little whores preteen long end in itself. Not like fucking for three years and finding yourself in a life changing situation, like marriage with two children, like that Washington boy.From what I understood mom to say, about the situation in ancient times, this "morality" business is relatively recent in human history. She pointed out, not to me, I was only listening, that in preteens naked pixx ancient Rome the thinking was boys and men should be solders and produce many children i.e. more solders. The Greeks had a different view on things and in some city states and on many islands, population density had to be managed. It was only much later, after the Christian Church got established that a growing population, to increase the numbers of the faithful, became a social-political-economic and control factor. The early church and early nobles, combined to support each other, in establishing that control. It was a power thing free preteenrape and best crazy preteen sex of all you didn't need to enslave people. All you did was convince them they should give up their freedom, because it was what god wanted. If you made anything but sex for the purpose of producing, more faithful to toil in the fields, fight the wars and support the power classes, a hots preteen xxx sin, so much the better. You read lots of carp and speculation. Mom feels that people tend to interrupt, the often fregementary ancient texts, they way they think it should be, not the way it was.Now days we have hordes of people running around saving the children from sexual abuse and physical abuse. Of course millions of children are starving, dying of aids and other horrible things around the world, that seams to be Ok. I am glad I was saved from physical abuse but this real preteen banned sexual abuse thing is often going a bit to far. You hear a lot about kiddy porn and how horrable it is. I have never seen any so I don't know, can't comment on it. I sure don't think sex with anyone younger than me is a good thing. From what I can see, much of what is called porn is not. I think allowing child solders is pornagraphic. That's my view on it.It seams to me that physical and sexual abuse of anyone, child or adult, is noting more than a power trip. It also seams to be that this witch hunt, surrounding sexual exploitation of children and persecution of people for even having photographs or art work of naked people under the age of what ever, is just another form of power tripping abuse.How many times do you read about some adult killing the children and spouse. Now that has to be the ultimate in abuse. All I preteen schoolgirls tgp know is, I have been abused and the system didn't do shit for me. I have sex with adult men too and not because I am forced, but because I like it and I don't care how old I am, I know the difference between abuse and love. The very idea of Kos or Eric facing longer jail time for loving me, than the Tolkan's for beating me and mentally manga preteen jpeg abusing this preteen girlie girls child, makes me sick. The fact that millions are spent free preteenie galleries to try and stamp out what these people call child pornography, while millions of children are starving or suffering horrible diseases, forced to be solders and preteen toplist banned kill people or placed into a slave like existence, makes me sick. ( All I know is, nothing is black and white or simple and stupid, absolute rules or simplistic solutions, are just as wrong.......................Valentines day came pounding into young Russell's life with real meaning this year. He had two loves that needed and wanted his attention. He figured Kos and probably Eric would have something special for him. It would be some kind of cleaver surprise. Kos had told him that Nadine, Jessica and Nancy would all require some kind of card from him. He needed to do something special for Sheila and of course they both had better make sure Mom was covered.I was not sure if they even did Valentine's day in the UK, so I got on the internet and found out . They sure do. I also rusian preteens naturist looked up what the history and meaning of this day was all about. Another ancient festival cooped and corrupted by the early church. It was interesting, to see some of the different things people did, in different parts of the country, especially in olden times. ( and I decided to have a big bunch of flowers delivered to our parents. Kos called Nancy and Simon so we could all work together on it. preteen models nylons We ordered the flowers over the thongs preteens internet using Nancy's credit card. She didn't want to take my contribution but uncle Fred must have said something to her, since she did. I know I made a lot of money modeling for Kos and our parents also send me a weekly allowance and I don't spend much of that.For Kos and Eric I ordered stuff on the internet from a "love shop" place. I had to use Kos' credit card for that. I got them little silk thongs, shaped like harts. They had a pouch that expanded out the front, that looked like Cupid's arrow. I made my own cards, copying the message from some gay internet site, that offered free email cards. I had no idea what they would get for me but I was sure it forbidden preteen links would be neat.For Nancy and Simon I went to the card department at the University Book Store. That was good because I got to use mom's account and it has a discount. I got them a fancy card and a couple of cute books with little cartoons, about what love is. They had little line drawings in them. I know they would think them cute.Now for my "pass du resiat-ance". No comments please, French is still a foreign language to preteen galleries pics me. For Sheila I went all out. I got her the biggest box of candy I could find. It was real expensive too. Real preteens cutie Belgium Chocolate from a candy maker in Calgary, Alberta, call Benard Calabault. (The part about the candy is real and your author is very fond of this product.) I got them over the internet too. Kos just gave me his credit card for all this stuff. I will make sure Fred sends him the cash, I did spend quite a bit. Now that was just the hard goods. Kos made me a greeting card with a cartoons of Sheila and I on it, showing Eros, the Greek God, not that stupid chubby little Roman Cupid kid, with red hair, shooting his arrow through our hearts. It was so good I knew she would frame music for preteens it.My big thing for her was a slight rewrite of the song Unchained Melody and a performance of "Stand By Me".Oh, my love, my Sheila, I hunger for your touch this long, lonely time. Time goes by so slowly and time can do so underaged preteens girls much. Are you still mine?I need your love. I need your love. God speed your love to me.Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the sea, to the open arms of preteen nylons the sea. Lonely rivers sigh, wait for me, wait for me. I'll be coming soon, wait for me.Oh, my love, my Sheila, I indian preteen photos hunger for your touch this long lonely time. Time, goes by so slowly, preteen n n and time can do so much, Are you still mine?I need your love. I need your love. God speed your love, to me.(Lyrics by Hy Zaret, Music by Alex North. This song was written for a forgettable prison movie. The song has enjoyed many-many performances and renditions.)I didn't need to change many of the words but I don't have a rich voice like the Richeous Brothers or some of the others that recorded it. I was fortunate to find the sheet music in dad's collection and he had the cords marked on it. That russian virgins preteen is a big help. I practiced for Nadine. She helped me a bit on the phrasing and Kos on the fingering. Over all she cool xxx preteen was impressed and sure said so several times. I think she wanted Kos to do something like that for her but I don't think he took the hint. Well he preteen petite angels is real busy. I know he made a card for her too, I have no idea what his gift was. I'll bet it was sexy undies from the same web site I got his and Eric's, since they had more for the ladies than the men.Stand By Me(by Ben E. King 1961)When the interracial preteen sex night cp preteen websites has come And the land is preteen beauties bbs dark, And the moon is the only light we'll see. No I won't be afraid, Oh I won't be afraid, Just as long as you stand, stand by meSo darlin' darlin' stand by me, (for Kos and Eric I substituted brother for darlin', when I sang to Sheila, you guessed it.) untouched preteens nude Oh stand by me, Oh stand, stand by me, stand by me.If the sky that we look upon Should tumble and fall, Or the mountain should crumble to the sea. I won't cry, I won't cry, No I won't shed a tear, Just as long as you stand, stand by me.And darlin' darlin' stand by me, (for Kos and Eric I substituted brother for darlin' and for Sheila, Sheila.) Oh stand by me, Whoa stand now, stand by me, stand by me.Darlin' darlin' stand by me, (for Kos and Eric young angels preteen I stories preteen sex substituted brother preteen girl archive for darlin' and for Sheila, Sheila.) Oh stand by me, Oh stand now, stand by me, stand by me.Whenever you're in trouble just stand by me, Oh stand by me, Whoa stand now, oh stand, stand by me."Sheila was thrilled as I expected she would be. I knew she liked the song I did for her at Christmas, this would be a real winner preteen sisters bikini too. This time I had much more practice. Valentine's Day was a week day so I couldn't stay to long at her house. Mr. and Mrs. O'Keef were impressed and they told me several times. I don't think her little sisters got it but they were polite. Oh, I almost forgot. Sheila got me a card and she also gave me a bracelet, that she made herself. It is braided colored cords with R and raped girls preteen S woven preteen fucking picturers into it. That is so cool. Lots of the junior high and high school students have things like that but I'm the only one in grade 5.Fortunately for me, Nadine could not stay the night so I got to party with Kos. Eric was with Jessica, so I won't see him for a few days. Anyway, Kos modeled his special undies for me. They sure looked good, especially after I gave his manhood a gentle squeeze or two. He got me some of those fitted undies from Cleveland, they are bikini briefs with a bright red heart right in the front. I don't know how the fellow who makes them knows but they fit just perfectly. I mean perfectly, like a second skin almost. My penis just poked right into the middle of that heart and it looked 3D. Not only that but they covered my ass so perfectly, just capturing my butt cheeks like they were painted on. God I feel so sexy in them I get tingles all over, mostly in my crotch.The best part was the way he worshiped my body that night. Not that he isn't a great lover. Kos is just the best but tonight he was extra special. He preteen underage nymphettes laid me on his bed and proceeded to kiss my body from the top of my head to my toes and back again. His hands were just skimming my skin and I could feel the tingles going through me. Then he used is teeth to pull the undies underage preteen toons off and his mouth engulfed my penis and scrotum. He brought me up and down three times before he let me come. Then he moved around and I got to do him, like he did me; the best was at the end, he insisted I fucked him. He lay on his back with the legs spread so wide like the splits a dancer would do. Man naked preteen free was that something.I can't imagine what it would be like not to have my brother and hot preteens ******** my lover close by. I mean I just feel so good, so safe and so wanted, laying in his powerful arms. Our bodies pressed against each other so our largest organs are making maximum physical contact. I feel like we are a part of each other. I wonder if sex with Sheila will feel like this, feel so good? (It is a fact that the skin is the bodies largest organ.)I wonder if the other preteens latina boys in the Ganymede Society feel the same, laying next to or on their men? I sure hope so. Kos told me, our first Ganymede Society meeting was Saturday and it was also a Valentine's Day party, only just a little late and I should wear these new undies. I made him where his too.Well, that's not quite right. We preteen asian pictures don't make each other do much of anything. I just asked him, giving his cheek and neck a few kisses and he agreed straight off. Me, I go along with just about anything he has to offer. I don't think any of it has ever turned out poorly."
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